2014 Fitness Goals

Doran | January 14th, 2014 - 2:40 pm

Back in November I wrote about the Off-Season Dilemma and how each year I after a few weeks off I start to get anxious and ready to begin planning and training for 2014 goals.  This year was particularly difficult because I have been thinking more and more that my life as a serious triathlete was coming to an end.  As the holidays came and went, this feeling was confirmed.  For a variety of reasons, I don’t think I will race even one triathlon in 2014.  Of course, never say never, but my life and fitness goals have shifted away from triathlon.  In my “Well.. this is 30 post I talked about exercising for general fitness and lasting health, and combine that with the fact that continuing to improve in triathlon takes a HUGE lifestyle commitment I’m just not willing to make… and I’m basically retired from the sport.  I’m not willing to spend time on the bike instead of with CJ, wake up at 5am every morning to train then go to work and maybe workout again afterwards.  I want to enjoy a cupcake when it’s someone’s birthday at work or not get stressed when CJ wants to go get fro-yo in the summer.  All of these sacrifices I did not mind making, and I enjoyed the results I’ve achieved in triathlon.  But after 7 years in the sport they are getting old, and I am too.  So of course I will still follow the pro triathlon circuit closely, and still consider myself a triathlete… but I just won’t be running, biking, and swimming every day.  On top of all these feelings, we have a busy summer coming up. For starters, we have several friends getting married this year, meaning we have five weddings between April and July, including Jim at Carnivore Diary and Conor.   I am so excited for each and every one of the couples, and I can’t wait to experience their big day.  I don’t want the guilt of not training that day or spending a night eating cake, drinking, and dancing with my best friends to ruin those weekends for me.  So I hope this shift away from the sport also helps me be a better friend and gives me more time to support those guys and girls leading up to their weddings.  It also frees up more time and energy to grow in other areas.  I’m still very ambitious in my career, and you have to put in the time to gain the experience necessary for advancement.  I can also enjoy outdoors and fitness more with CJ.  She really loves hiking and kayaking and unfortunately I haven’t done the best job at making this happen the past few years.  So this is the time!

She loves to kayak, this one

She loves to kayak, this one

With that said, I still crave challenges in all areas of my life.  So what WILL I be doing in 2014?  Well, I’ve sort of already started beefing up pretty seriously (for me).  I’m tipping the scales at close to 160lb for the first time since 2006, and gaining a lot of size and strength fairly quickly.  The garage gym is fully functional and I continue to add small pieces to help make it a complete setup.  My goal is to bulk up to at least 165 by spring, knowing full well that a little extra fat might come along with that muscle gain.  Then as spring and summer comes, I will focus on keeping the strength and size gains while leaning out a little to support…. Running a fast 5k.  I know gaining weight and running a fast 5k are somewhat contradictory goals, but I think I have so much room for improvement in each area that I can still run fast while lugging around some extra weight.  Hopefully a lot of that will be leg strength anyway.  Throughout 2014 I’m going to be doing a combination of running, traditional strength training, and some functional / cross-fit-esque (whatever you want to call the current fitness trends) work.   Overall my goal is to be fit for whatever life throws at me, whether that be lifting a car off a small child, jumping into a 5k race, looking good at the beach, or helping a buddy move something heavy.  Obviously this is all kind of an idea rather than hard and fast benchmarks, so I’ll try to set some specific goals.

Before setting measurable goals for 2014, I decided to max out at the gym this weekend.  I really surprised myself, since I haven’t really been training for maximum lifts yet, mostly doing sets of 8-12 to get back in the swing of strength training.  On Saturday January 12th, I weighed in at 158lbs and bench pressed 235lb (equals my all time max) and squatted 245lb.  On the squats, I did get 265lb up, but did not go down to parallel, so I didn’t count it.  I don’t recall if I’ve ever really maxed out on squats, there’s no record in my training log… but I do know I’ve always had really weak legs.  From my past few 5k’s, I know that I’m in roughly 19:00 shape (while basically being out of shape).  So in hopes of a noticeable “transformation” here is a “before” picture (which is really a 2-months in picture).

"Before" Picture - Front

“Before” Picture – Front

I know you ladies like the back view

I know you ladies like the back view

With these current benchmarks, I have the following goals (with target completion date of Aug 1):

  • Weigh a lean and mean 165lbs (sort of like Honeymoon Fit but bigger)
    • That’s another 7lbs of weight, but since I’m not exactly lean right now it is probably closer to 10lbs of muscle. 
    • This will be very difficult, especially since I’ve already gained 6-8lbs of muscle in the past few months.
  • Bench Press 150% of my body weight (250lb) and squat 200% of my body weight (330)
    • Maybe a combined goal of 580 is better, bc I am close on the bench but have a long way to go on the squat.
    • 265 and 315 might be more realistic given I am currently at 235 and 245… but we’ll see.  I expect to see big gains on squat
  • Sub 18:00 5k time, with 17:30 the goal
    • I’ve been running 19:00 without much training or speed work.  So hopefully with a little focus I get can down to 17:30… that’s 5:38 minutes per mile for those of you keeping track at home
  • Spent more time outdoors with CJ
  • Enjoy more time with friends than the past few summers, particularly at upcoming bachelor parties and weddings
You never know when you might have to do pushups with a child on your back.. But I will be ready

You never know when you might have to do pushups with a child on your back.. But I will be ready


2 Responses to “2014 Fitness Goals”

  1. Conor says:

    Great post, Doran. I like how you mix it up, keep things interesting and continue to challenge yourself. You can lift way more than me already and I’ve been lifting frequently myself. Be careful with technique so you don’t injure yourself.

    You probably will be faster from your power gains with the run but only for short distances. I’m thinking 5k is even too long. If you can break 18 minutes while in the 160’s I will buy you a case of your favorite beer to celebrate afterward! That’s incentive though, eh?! Plus, no triathlon looming to prevent you from enjoying it!

    How about you and CJ come up for a weekend to Arlington and we’ll go hiking and kayaking in the Potomac? And maybe grab some burgers afterward…

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